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Location: Admin > Configs > Payment Gateways

This page allows you to configure the payment gateways through which you can receive money from your website members. You should first create merchant account with the payment gateway service providers.

You must enable only those payment gateways which you want to use. Enabled payment gateways are visible to members for fee payments and product purchases. Some payment gateways might not support recurring (subscription) payments. In such cases, if your distributor plan is configured for a recurring fee, the payment gateway which doesn’t support recurring payment is not shown to member.

‘Bank/Wire/Cash/Others’ & ‘Cheque’ are offline payment modes. You must manually handle these payments. Others are online payments, where payment is processed instantly.


Paypal ID:
Enter your paypal email id to which you want to receive money from your members.
Sandbox Mode: ‘Yes’ means test mode. This is only for testing purposes. You must have paypal developer accounts to test. For production website (live) all gateways must have ‘Sandbox mode: No’.

Paypal Fees:
You can optionally charge your members with a fixed fee per transaction.
Additional Paypal Fee: You can optionally charge your members with an additional fee which is a percentage of the transaction amount.

This fee applies to all payments, i.e. membership fee and product purchase payments.

Similarly other payment gateways can be configured.

As on WTK Network 1.6.4 are payments are converted to USD before passing to payment gateway. You must have configured your payment gateway merchant account to receive funds in USD.


If you want to use any other offline mode of payment, you can configure them as ‘Bank/Wire/Cash/Others’. You can add the details by clicking ‘Edit’ link.

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