Advanced Configuration

To access Advanced Configurations, in Admin area, Go to Configs -> Advanced Configs.

Module Management

ePINs: You can enable or disable ePINs module here.
Free Downloads: You can enable or disable Free Downloads module here.


Minimum Payout: All commissions earned by a member are accumulated in his/her eWallet. He/She can request a payout once his eWallet balance is more than or equal to Minimum Payout amount.
No. of results per page: Number of result rows to display in member area and admin area pages of the website.
No. of emails per cron run: This configuration can be used to control the number of email sent from the server per hour (broadcast & invite emails). Most shared hosting service providers place a limit on the no. of emails per hour. It can be around 500. You can increase this value to send more emails per hour.

SMTP Configuration

By default, all emails sent from the website are sent using php sendmail(). For secure and better emailing, smtp emails can be configured. You must get the smtp details from your hosting provider or email service provider.

Fund Transfer Configuration

These configurations are applicable to member to member eWallet fund transfer.

Language Settings

Available languages for your website front end are listed in this section. Language enable/disabling or default language selection can be done here.
Admin area supports only English language. A google translate bar is provided to translate to any of the google translate supported language. This translation happens on the fly during page load.
Website font end multiple language support is done using string constants. All string constants are located in “languages” folder on your website server(.ini files). To edit a label on the front end, corresponding language file contents can be edited.
String constants are defined in this format: STRING CONSTANT KEY = “Value”
You must only edit the “Value” part.

Default Email Template

This is the layout of the email. All emails use this html code. “#message#” is replaced with the actual email content during email delivery.

Debug Mode

Debug mode can be enabled during pre-production testing to debug the activities. Debug log files are created in root folder and admin folder. Debug log file name is ‘.debug.log’.

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