Basic Configuration

After completing the installation log in to Admin area of your website. Go to Configs > General.
You can edit ‘Site’, ’Store’, ’ Registration & Login Configuration’, ’Currency’ sections.


Site Name: This is the name of your website. Used in email communications.
Site Title: This is your website home page title. It is shown in the browser title bar. This is important from search engine perspective too.
Admin E-mail: All alerts like new user signup, payments etc are emailed to this id. You must monitor this email account.
Site E-mail: This is the email from which automated emails from your website are sent to users. It is recommended to configure this email with one of your website domain email. i.e if your website is ‘’, use a email like ‘’. Using some other email like gmail id or yahoo id may result in email reaching the spam folder of your members.
Contact E-mail: All messages sent from contact us page of your website are sent to this email id.
Note: To add a new email account to your website, you must login to your hosting control panel and add email account.


Enable Store: You can disable the store, if you are not selling any products on your website. If store is disabled, “Products” menu is not shown in main menu.
Enabled Stock Tracking: If Stock tracking is enabled, you must enter ‘available stock count’ for each product. Out of stock products cannot be purchased by users.
Single/Dual Product pricing: If you sell products at one price for distributors and another price for customers(guest purchase), you must enable dual pricing.

Registration & Login Configuration

Personalized Website Names: Enabling this will allow members to choose a preferred name for their personalized website URL. If not enabled, their username itself is used to form personalized website name.
For ex: If your website is ‘’, If member ‘john’ chooses personalized website name as ‘Pure_World’, his personalized website url is:

Allow registration without sponsor: You can enable this to allow registration on the website without any sponsor referral. A valid username must be specified as the default sponsor.

Cron Jobs

Cron jobs are scheduled tasks that run at specified time interval.
Cron jobs are used in WTK Software for 3 activites:
1. Broadcast email delivery. Broadcast email messages sent by admin are delivered in batches through Mailer cron (mailer.php)
2. Invites sent by members to their google, yahoo contacts or emails are delivered in batches through Inviter cron (inviter.php)
3. Member status updates. If you have configured yearly/half yearly fees or monthly recurring fee in distributor plans, Userstatus cron is required to updated the status of users. (userstatus.php)

Preferred Interval for crons:
mailer.php -> every 15min
inviter.php -> every 30min
userstatus.php -> Daily once

Cron must be configured from your hosting control panel.
Example cron syntax for mailer.php cron on a cPanel hosting.
php /home/<username>/public_html/mailer.php
Here <username> must be replaced with your hosting account username.

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